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Nail Print Co. Nail Stickers

Nail Print Co. Nail Stickers

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Our nail wraps are made out of REAL semi cured non toxic nail polish, which allows you to get an authentic looking mani without the mess!

Although it is possible to wear our wraps without any topcoat, if you plan on wearing them for more than a few days we STRONGLY recommend using one. If you wear a lot of lotions/ sunscreens or submerge your hands in water often (swimming, hot baths) a top coat is a must.

Most gel polishes also work great with nail wraps, but it's best to apply both a gel base coat AND top coat on top of your wraps. The surface of the wraps is smooth/ slick, and applying a gel base first allows the top coat to adhere better. The combination of wraps + gel base + gel top is extremely durable and should last 2-3 weeks without any chips!  On average our nail wraps will last 10+ days when applied as directed and with a top coat.


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